Bakery Range

We have developed a portfolio of Tertiary and private label products to suit the needs of you commercially and with consumer trends at the heart of development.

Visit our product portfolio pages to view the entire range of ambient cakes, muffins, cookies and macarons. 

Cake Slices

We have developed a number of cake slices that can be delivered in various packaging solutions.

  • Tray format
  • Rectangular box
  • Square box
  • Individually wrapped
  • 6-9 pack

Poppies Angel SlicesPoppies Bakewell SlicesPoppies Lemon Slices



MacaronsPoppies Macarons

New from our d'Haubry factory, these Macarons can be supplied frozen, chilled or ambient to suit your need.  They come in a number of core flavours (vanilla, lemon, hazelnut, chocolate, raspberry and pistachio).  Contact us for more details.


Blueberry MuffinChoclate MuffinPoppies Muffins

Poppies Muffin TrayChocolate MuffinsPoppies Lemon Muffin Tray

New from our Factory in Sweden, these delightful Muffins can be supplied either frozen or ambient and come in a sealed 4-pack.


Chocolate Ring DoughnutPoppies Pink DoughnutPoppies filled Doughnut

Our doughnuts are soft, colourful and full of flavours.