Weight Watchers®

Weight Watchers® is the No.1 low calorie brand in the UK and is also the 14th biggest grocery brand worth over £300 million. Within the range there are over 200 food & drink products in over 40 different categories.

Icefresh Foods hold the license to produce all Weight Watchers® Iced Desserts. Weight Watchers promotes healthy eating and its approach is based on accepted science and research, delivered though education, changing the way people eat and group support.

Since holding the license from 2008, Icefresh Foods has been able to build up the brand and is now the No.1 Low Calorie Ice Cream brand in the UK.

Over one million people join Weight Watchers® every year. Weight Watchers® members attend weekly meetings  - there are  over 7,000 meetings run every week, across England, Scotland and Wales, which are run by over 1600 leaders. There is also Weight Watchers® on-line with over one million members.

Weight Watchers Iced Desserts

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