Weight Watchers® Milk & White Chocolate Sticks

Lick yourself into shape with the Mini Chocolate Sticks.  At only ProPoints® value of 3 per stick, treating yourself whilst maintaining a healthy balanced diet has never been easier.
Weight Watchers® Mini Chocolate Sticks are a great treat to grab when you’re on the run or just relaxing at home.  Covered with silky milk chocolate or rich white chocolate, the sticks are ideal for fulfilling your sweet tooth cravings, without having to then jog the kids home from school to make up for it.

At under 100 calories, you don’t have to deny yourself - by keeping a box of eight Mini Sticks stocked up in your freezer, you can grab a treat whenever you need a quick fix, without the devilish calorie count invading your thoughts.

Each box contains four milk chocolate sticks and four white chocolate sticks at only 90 calories per milk chocolate stick and 95 calories for the white chocolate stick.

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