Weight Watchers® Strawberry and Vanilla Cones

Ice Cream Cones have always been a childhood favourite, but the sauces and toppings can cause nightmares for those trying to maintain a healthy balanced diet. Weight Watchers® has saved the day with delicious creamy cones coming in at a ProPoints® value of only 4 per cone.

If you fancy a fruity treat, tip your hat towards the Weight Watchers® Strawberry and Vanilla Cones topped off with an indulgent strawberry sauce for that extra sweet tooth hit.

Ideal for when you’re on the run, with the look and taste of a full fat cone, you’ll have to fight off the family to hold on to these tasty low calorie treats.

Both variants are available in a pack of four and at only £1.99 per box, you deserve the treat.  Find out where to get them here

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